German Shepherd Personal Checks

German Shepherds Checks

German Sheperd Checks

German Shepherd Checks

Writing checks used to be no fun. It just meant you were spending your hard-earned money on something you didn’t need, like a jet pack, or some unfortunate necessity, like the income tax. Not so with checks for German shepherds! These beautiful depictions of sleek, frolicking dogs will help you learn what’s important in life, where and how to spend your money, and how to feel okay about letting it go.

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Let’s say you’re once again writing out a monthly check for your online roleplaying game. As you pull out your checkbook, you see two majestic German shepherds lying side-by-side in a field of white daisies. Their tongues are lolling with joy and they are snuggling with clear canine love. You realize that you haven’t seen sunlight since summer solstice. You haven’t interacted with anyone other than your monitor in over three weeks. You cut the power, you go outside, you meet your soul mate. Another job well done, thanks to checks for German shepherds!

german shepard personal checks

German Shepherd Puppies

Or maybe you’re a wealthy and powerful businessman. You haven’t seen your kids since Tuesday, but you need to get them a Christmas gift. In irritation, you decide to just write them a check so they can buy themselves… oh my god, are those puppies? Your mind goes blank as you see two fuzzy German shepherd puppies rolling around in the autumn leaves. One has noticed you and gives you a questioning, hopeful look. You immediately quit your job and go play tag with your children in the grass. Hooray, puppies!

German Shepard on Beach

German Shepherd on Beach

Or let’s just say you have cash to spare and a free day. Let your checks decide for you when it comes to outdoor activities! Flip through the checkbook and pick one of four gorgeously colored pictures. Mm, that dog lounging on the beach near the waves seems to be having a very relaxing afternoon. Then again, that powerful, leaping German shepherd seems to invite you hunting in a grassy field.

Whatever you choose to do, however you choose to spend your money, it can only get more delightful with checks for German shepherds!

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